Affiliate Marketing Model


Rather than raising and investing huge sums of money into advertising and marketing activities, our

marketing model leverages existing resources. Instead of reinventing and rebuilding our in-house sales network, we recruit ad agencies, media publishers and Internet influencer's with a compelling revenue

sharing platform.


Voice Internet presents an opportunity for publishers, influencer's and sales professionals to participate in ongoing revenue sharing activities.  Advertisers can get access to a network of resources who can publicize their deals and special offers to a large network of potential customers.


Publishers - Voice Internet's affiliate publisher network is composed of website portals, e-magazines, pod casters, local radio and TV stations and other traditional media providers, local community organizations, on-line advertisers and social media participants.  This way, celebrities, radio hosts, clergy and community group leaders are enabled with the ability to provide referrals to our advertisers from their audiences.


Influencer's - Are well or not so well known, interesting people that can act as host guides and engage our site visitors.  They can be comprising local community personalities, celebrities, radio hosts, you tube stars, and other social media enablers, and can earn substantial revenues by producing engaging video content and testimonial for advertisers to guide our traffic to advertisers websites.


Advertiser Agents - These entities, source and recruit advertisers who are interested in a new source of web traffic, celebrity testimonials and endorsements.


Master Sales Agents Support the networks growth by recruiting Direct Sales Agents, publishers and advertisers. They receive residual commissions from sales transactions.  Direct Sales agents introduce and sign up advertisers into the system.


Market Needs

Every business in the world needs a source of new customers each and every day.  Small and Medium-sized business owners need a low risk and cost effective way to reach new customers who are likely to buy.


Many business owners are not satisfied with marketing options currently available.


Voice Internet gives businesses a chance to connect to their local audience more efficiently through a network of meshed mix of traditional advertising media and Internet-based services. Voice Internet offers advertisers several methods to obtain new business, all on a performance based model. The Company delivers web traffic, coupon and deal completion services, and pay per call telephone connections.


Marketing Affiliate Strategy