Voice Internet, Inc. is a voice activated marketing & communications company who supports the specific needs of the media industry, the point of sale industry. political candidates and companies who advertise.


Voice Internet, Inc. is an advanced stage startup incorporated in the State of

California (C2510822) in March 2003. To date, the Company has raised approximately $6

million in prior seed round private placements.


The Company offers “pay-for-performance”

advertising and lead generation business. It offers PPV (pay-per-view) website traffic, PPC (payper-call advertising) and a PPA (pay-per-acquisition) promotion/deal marketing platform to

businesses in a variety of industry verticals that wish to reduce their advertising risks.


The Company has also developed proprietary business support services, voice domain

services, virtual office, call management and call tracking systems that are provided to its

advertising customers and are also sold independently as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

business model.


Finally, the Company operates as an affiliate advertising network, providing publishers—

such as traditional media companies and social networking participants—with methods of

gaining non-traditional advertising revenues from small to medium-sized business markets.


The Company’s revenue models are based on three primary streams: 1) income from its

performance based advertising including host browsing page view systems, direct sales of

advertisers promotional coupons, and its pay-per-call lead generation business; 2) revenues

(including subscription fees) from sales of phone services, text delivery and proprietary speech

activated applications, which includes CallWords voice domain services, virtual office, call

management and call tracking capabilities; and 3) Licensing of Sales Agent and Publisher Sites

to Affiliates and Publishers wishing to earn money utilizing the Voice Internet Platform.


The company earns revenues as following:

  •  Paid Page View Generation
  •  Pay Per Call Connections
  • Text Marketing
  •  CallWords Licensing
  •  Speech Application Provisioning
  •  Connected Minutes and sending of texts
  •  Creative and Professional Service


All billing is pre-paid, automated and performed electronically via credit cards.


The Company is authorized to issue 100,000,000 shares of Common Stock, par value $0.01

per share. There are currently approximately 13.8 million shares outstanding, which includes

approximately 9 million shares held by founders and approximately 3.8 million shares held by

various shareholders issued in connection with investments from accredited high net worth angel

investors. Additionally, there are additional shares subject to options and restricted stock under

the Company’s Stock Option and Incentive Plan. Assuming the Company sells all 1,363,000

shares offered through this Private Placement, approximately 84.43 million shares will remain

authorized and unissued.


The shares of Common Stock are equal in all respects, and upon completion of the Offering

the Common Stock will comprise the only class of capital stock that the Company will have

issued and outstanding upon the close of the Offering.


Each Common Shareholder is entitled to one vote for each share held on each matter

submitted to a vote of the Shareholders.


Shares of Common Stock are not redeemable and do not have conversion rights. The Shares

currently outstanding are, and the Shares to be issued upon completion of this Offering will be,

fully paid and non-assessable.


Shareholder # Shares % of Shares Amount

  • Robert Blaisch - CEO 8,000,000 51% $ -
  • Seed Round Investors 3,844,000 25% $ 5,369,000
  • Sweat Equity Contractors 1,400,000 9% $ -
  • Reserved Options 1,000,000 6% $ -
  • First Round (this PPM) 1,360,000 9% $ 2,992,000
  • Total 15,604,000


*the above numbers are subject to a current accounting overview.


Enhanced communications platform.


We provide all the basic phone services of a VoIP carrier.  Then we add all of our call enhancement technology and provide our customers with least cost routing services to assure that they get the best prices for calls. We also provide a full variety of enhanced toll free services coupled with a speech activated platform that provide unique solutions for the needs of the promotion, advertising and media industries.


We have our own in-house programming and engineering team who wrote all of our phone switch software from scratch and who maintains all of our own source code and host all of our own equipment in a state of the art data center.


That means that we have the ability to adapt our technologies to the specific needs of our customers. Try and ask your current phone company to do that.




Enhanced Marketing Platform


We've also built an advanced performance based advertising and marketing platform that provides pay per click, pay per call and pay per acquisition transactions.  So our advertisers and customers can enjoy risk free marketing activities. We never charge for results until we deliver results.