What is Host guided browsing?


In 2011, our company, Voice Internet developed a new and unique product offering to offer end users a different way to find things on the Internet. We filed our patents and had to wait until they we're issued before we could share its existence.


The patent was finally issued on May 3 2016. (see patent)


Our patented Voice Activated Host browsing web discovery platform provides viewers with a new and novel way to discover desired content on the Internet. Rather than to have to "Search" for content, viewers will be able to select a web curator to guide them to the kind of content they are looking for .And best yet, it travels with them and explains each website site that they are guided  to,


As the viewer visits each recommended website, the curator (guide) can provide commentary on each site, point out specific content to look at and guide the viewer to not one, but to many relevant sites of interest.


There are three basis ways to deliver a user to web content:


  1. The first is to get them to actively search on a search engine like Google Yahoo or Bing.
  2. The second is to "discover a content link" by clicking a banner link on website, in an e-mail, or from a link shared on Twitter or Face-book,
  3. The third way is what we do, to offer a curated web discovery Internet guide who can refer and accompany the users to content and websites. It adds a sense of continuity to web viewing and provides users with additional information, referrals, tips and endorsements


Curated Browsing or Web Discovery offers added benefits to people who are searching the Internet


  1. They can choose a guide that they like. The guide can be a celebrity, a radio, TV or Podcast Host, and an expert who knows how to explain more about the sites that the user is guided to
  2. The guide accompanies the viewer to each site on the tour and provides a new kind of continuity between visited web pages
  3. The guide will accompany the user and offer explanation to relevant pages on the destination site.
  4. The guide can continue taking the user to subsequent websites containing the same type of content material
  5. Overall it's a far more engaging and educational user experience


Like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Internet companies, we focus on driving web traffic to advertiser’s sites.  Revenue is earned in the same way but we do it a little differently. We keep the viewer engaged.


Think about what happens when someone wants to search for your company using a search engine provider.

They go to the search engine, click on your results link, are transported to your website and are then left there... unattended.... on your website—with no one to tell them where to look, click or what to look for or do next.

If that viewer is not instantly engaged, they will immediately lose interest. The result is a bounce. Bounce is when a visitor lands on your home page and never moves on another page in your site.


What it they could have been guided to your site by a celebrity, a radio host or an expert curator who could give them more details and tips on what to look for or suggested actions to take next.


What if that curator could impart information about the product provide a testimonial or a recommendation on what they should look at or even buy.


 People are interested in 3rd party opinions, especially coming from a well-known person.

What would that do for your bounce rates. What will it do for higher conversions?


Good for Viewers.

Many people may prefer to be guided by an expert or a celebrity who knows more about what they are looking for.

And folks really like seeing the "personal" side of celebrities.


Good for Advertisers

When visitors land on an advertisers website, it is critical that they are fully engaged with the destination or they will bounce and never see any additional pages in the site.  A curated guide who they are already engaged with can solve this problem by immediately pointing out points or products of interest in that site.


The curator can also guide viewers around the site, make comment and product endorsement and better implement calls to action with verbal suggestions that can lead to dramatically increased conversions.