Affiliate Marketing Strategy.


We intend to set up an affiliate network to market our services.  We will recruit agents to source advertisers, influencer and publishers.



VI retains revenue partners as follows:


Publishers – These are media entities that control viewer traffic. They are provided with specialized web link URL’s that can be embedded in web pages, in email, in content copy or in text messages.  When a viewer initiates a curated browser session from any of its published media sources, a publisher token is set to track all revenues earned for the duration of the session.  Publishers are paid at the rate of 35% of earned revenues.


Content Providers. – Content providers are the entities that created the video content that guides the viewer. Each video is assigned a content provider token and a 15% revenue share will be paid to the content creator.  In the case of advertiser supplied content, the content revenue share will be paid to the agent that obtained and posted the content.


Advertiser Agents – Advertiser Agents are the entity that signed the advertiser into the system.  Advertiser agents are paid a 15% commission on all revenues generated by the advertiser.  These revenues include pay per performance advertising, virtual office services, telephony and text marketing and any other support services billed to the advertiser including but not limited to custom programming, content creation, video production, voiceover and editing services, artwork, photography and any other services.


Multiple Revenue Sharing Roles

All revenue sharing partner partners may choose to participate in multiple revenue shares.  It can act as a publisher, a content provider and an agent and can receive up to 65% of the revenue generated.




We source connected people to act as master agents.  They become our channel managers and receive an override commission base on the sum of their organization.


Influencer's are the soul of our system.  They add content, personality and an audience.

We offer Influencer's a platform that can continually produce significant revenue for them.

We also give them access to our publisher and advertiser channels.


Advertisers are always looking for better ways of engaging viewers.  Curated Browsing can drive traffic to websites and increase brand awareness.  We reach out to advertising publications and agencies to source our advertisers.