Page View Generation


Our curated tours generate traffic to websites.  We charge on a pay per click basis as our viewer moves through the curated tours.  Prices per click are set by each advertisers bid.  Advertisers are presented with a set of tools to set price per views, dates and times of placements, geographic availability and budget allowances.  This process involves the enlistment of a content provider and an influencer.

Pay Per Call


If customers request a connection, we can automatically connect calls from web browsers or mobile devices.

Lead Generation


We provide data collection forms on many of our websites and mobile apps.  We can collect and sell marketing data.

Internal Site navigation

Some clients may wish to enable their websites with our curated platform to engage viewers, drive call to actions and convert sales.  We can offer these services and offer a monthly billing fee instead of pay per clidk advertising views.

Professional Service Billing

We can write custom programming for our clients to get them set up with internal site systems.  We will also offer a range of production services such as voiceover recording, video generation, graphics and presentation content.



Voice Internet Platform Services

Voice Internet provides a complete communications and virtual office and marketing platform.


Each curated browsing account will have complete access to all of our communication programs and only pay for texts and connected minutes they use.


  • Toll Free and Local Phone numbers
  • Voice Activated Virtual Receptionist
  • Text on Demand
  • Marketing List generation
  • Contest Management