Voice Internet is an advanced stage “tech startup” that services businesses in need of effective, affordable enhanced VoIP communications and performance-based advertising services. It's a phone carrier that provides enhanced services that combines the benefits of Pay-Per-Click Page Views, Pay-Per-Call, Daily Deals and text marketing solutions, without the headaches that small business owners tend to experience with these types of services.


Voice Internet also offers a unique voice activated “host-directed web discovery technology” that can drive substantial traffic to its advertiser’s websites. The technology drives page views using interactive video hosts that allow users to interact with the system using voice commands. Similar to a search revenue model, advertisers pay for web page views, phone connections and even purchases can be made. The value added up-sell is that the video host can accompany the viewer to the advertiser website and add explanations and endorsements to the session. The effect to the user is that they are being guided.


The Company provides voice-activated business communication systems and services for phone and Internet, including call management, opt-in text and email marketing and virtual office systems.


Revenue Support Services for Radio/TV and Outdoor companies such as call-in contest management, Pay-Per-Call and Pay-Per-Click text links, and local market coupon sites are offered as well.


Another offering from the Company is its “CallWords” product, a voice activated, call completion portal using the most remembered phone number in North America - 800-555-5555.  Advertisers can essentially rent a “CallWord” on the system. They work like a voice URL and connect callers to voice activated websites.


Subsequently, that “Call Word” can be spoken by callers after dialing 800-555-5555 or by using an installed application to reach the business rather than remembering and dialing a conventional phone number.  It provides the ultimate direct response solution.  As a phone company with extremely attractive wholesales rates, the Company also earns revenue from telecom services sold to its client base.


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Exit Strategy


Although the Company intends to build a company that will be immensely profitable and able to pay significant dividends to its investor base, it can’t overlook recent trends by major players to acquire businesses such as Voice Internet for a significant value.


For example, Rakutan recently acquired Viber for 900 million dollars. Facebook acquired whatsapp for 22 billion and similar valuations are commonplace for companies who control a substantial advertiser base.  The Company’s exit strategy will be to position itself as an appealing acquisition candidate for larger, better capitalized media or technology entities such as Google, Yahoo, Clear Channel, Viacom, NewsCorp, and Microsoft or a major telecom such as AT&T or Verizon.  (Verizon is in the process of acquiring Yahoo and will be in desperate need of of a differentiated approach to traditional search).


Our exit goal can be achieved by operating a lean, highly automated and flexible organization that becomes profitable as quickly as possible and stays ahead of the technology curve through continuous innovation and a healthy research and development budget.